Mediacom Customer Service Phone Number

Mediacom Internet Customer Service Phone Number

Mediacom Services

For any technical issues of speed and connectivity or for any information related to new Internet packs, contact our Mediacom Customer Service Phone Number now.

Mediacom Services Features


With Internet service primarily located in regions largely neglected by other ISPs, Mediacom provides services in 22 States across the US. Mediacom offers plans and services that are accessible to approximately 6.5 million citizens nationwide.


Mediacom cable Internet begins at a reasonable price for up to 60 Mbps. There are plans and packages for faster speeds such as 100 Mbps or 500 Mbps that is comparable to other ISP’s prices for same speeds.

Internet speed

Mediacom Cable Internet uses DOCSIS 3.0 technology that makes Mediacom internet lightning fast and more reliable than any Internet service that can be imagined for any fixed or mobile devices.

Customer satisfaction

With streaming music and videos live across multiple devices as well as unlimited gaming and indulging in online shopping, customer satisfaction is varied and great with Mediacom Internet.

Get Mediacom Services, Nothing is Better!

Our Mediacom Customer service helpline professional are skilled and experienced to handle any query of any type arising out of any service glitches of Mediacom Internet. We also have tons of upgradation and new packages to offer our clients to want to call us at our helpline.

Mediacom Customer Service Number

Mediacom Services that are Special

TV Anywhere

Your Mediacom Internet service can be turned into a full-scale entertainment network with merging it with Mediacom TV service unlocking its TV everywhere feature.

Service even in smaller towns

While many ISPs don’t care much for smaller towns and suburbs, Mediacom has invested a lot in time and money to provide broadband services to its small-town customers.

Secure Browsing

With Mediacom Internet Service your data and information is safe and secure from hackers, viruses and malwares. Thanks to Mediacom’s strong protection tools.