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charter internet customer service

Charter Communication – Internet Service Provider

Charter Communication also called Charter Cable was launched in 2012, and now serves over 26 million customers all over the US. Charter Cable is rate to be the chosen Internet Service Provider in the states of Oklahoma, Rhode Island, Arkansas, Arizona, Nebraska, Louisiana, and Kansas. For information on exclusive internet packs at these locations contact Charter Communication Support. While Charter Communication additionally offers group bargains, its forte is putting forth low-speed spending plans. This is helpful for a solitary individual or little family that does not require expanded speed. Frequently slower speeds will work when gushing so you don't need to remunerate on cost. This is the best economy bundle and will set aside some cash where it isn't required. You can get more information on Charter Communication packs by calling or emailing Charter Communication Support.

Save more with Charter cable and internet bundles

Charter Spectrum Double Play

If you want to pair up two Charter services, Charter Spectrum Double Play would help you simplify the plan. It would help reducing the money on regular billings.

Charter Spectrum Triple Play

You can now pair up three services – Internet, cable and home phone. Combine high speed internet, potentially saving huge money on telecom bills.

Get High Speed Internet

Charter Communication is a computerized satellite TV supplier. It's claimed by Spectrum and has in excess of 26 million supporters. It presents various TV bundles keeping pace with what you'd get from a digital TV supplier. Regardless of whether you're hoping to change from another supplier or sign up for (TV) administration for the absolute first time, Charter Communication offers astonishing worth. The satellite TV supplier offers various bundles and plans to fit any financial limit, all of which accompany somewhere around 155 HD stations and a computerized video recorder (DVR) for chronicle your preferred shows when you can't observe live.

Charter internet-only plans include:

  • Speeds starting at 100 Mbps
  • Free internet modem
  • Free service installation
  • No data caps
  • No contracts
  • Free anti-virus software
  • Access to Spectrum Wi-Fi hotspots
  • Call Waiting
  • Return Call
  • Trace Call
  • Do Not Disturb
  • Speed Dial
  • Caller ID on TV
charter internet customer service phone number

Charter Provides Best Options with Multimedia

Charter Spectrum brings an entertainment experience unlike any other right to your TV. With three channel packages to choose from, you can watch anything and everything on your schedule.

Charter allows the customers to experience non-stop entertainment and multi-media. Select three best options.

Charter Spectrum TV Select

In spite of the fact that Charter Communication’s top-level bundle of 330+ channels costs $110 every month, you can get Charter Communication administration for significantly less. Its Select Package, which in any case incorporates 155+ channels, is just $35 every month.

Charter Spectrum TV Select

For progressively nitty gritty estimating, look at all the bundles underneath. Note that these costs require a two-year contract, yet are useful for the initial a year, after which rates will increment.

Charter Spectrum TV Select

Get all the top-notch arrangement and motion pictures you need with our wide choice of premium motion picture channels. Watch widely praised arrangement, motion pictures straight from the theater and specials you can't go anyplace else, at whatever point you need, wherever you go.

  • Lifestyle networks: A&E, TLC, USA, BRAVO, GSN and more.
  • Family entertainment: Disney, Cartoon Network, Freeform, Animal Planet and more.
  • Sports channels: ESPN, Fox Sports 1, NFL Network and more.
  • Movie channels: AMC, Lifetime Movie Network, FX Movie Channel, Hallmark and more.

Charter Services are the best in US and Different parts of world

Charter telecommunication and internet services are cut-throat and affordable. Customers are availed with cool selection and customization option. The internet speed is relentless and comes handy with the budget.

We provide best Charter customers services to the customers. Call at our toll free charter internet customer service phone number and get solutions.

  • Caller ID
  • Three-Way Calling
  • Call Waiting
  • VIP Ring
  • Readable Voicemail
  • Trace Call
  • Repeat Dialing
  • Speed Dial
  • Return Call

Learn more about Charter services

How does billing work?

Our billing cycle is 30 days. All our services are on pre-paid basis. To avail our services, you will have to pay a month in advance. Existing users can avail of uninterrupted services by paying on or before the due date.

Are there any offers or discounts?

If you pay for 5 months subscription, you get 1 month extra for free and if you pay for 10 months subscription, you get 2 months extra for free.

From where can I manage or access my account?

You can access My Account section from the home page of our website and login to access your account.

Can I change my plan anytime?

Yes, the plan can be changed anytime. You can give us a call at our charter internet customer service number. Our support team will guide you on the process. However, if you change your plan in the middle of an active subscription, you will lose money. So, it is advisable to change your plan only when your current subscription ends.

What extra charges are there if my cheque bounces?

Cheque bounce charges are Rs 300.

How long does the installation take?

Our field team checks whether your area is covered under our fiber network. If it does, it takes 5-7 working days to get your connection up and running. We try our best to ensure the installation happens as early as possible.

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