Troubleshooting Outlook Set Up Issues with the Help of the Outlook Email Support

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Outlook is an information manager by the Microsoft which is mainly used for email service. It has been gaining popularity ever since its induction. The users who face difficulty while using the Outlook can seek the help of the Outlook Email Support and get their issues sorted.

You can troubleshoot all Outlook set up issues with the help of the professionals. You can do so by reaching out to the Outlook Customer Support using the helpline number. They can be reached facilely telephonic. The team entails highly professional customer care servers and technicians who work in collaboration to solve the problems of the customers.

Here is how you can tackle some of the problems related to the Outlook

How to Set up Outlook email on an Android

  • The users need to download the Outlook App from the Google Play for setting up the email for his android. If they already have that installed on their device they can open it. It is a blue colored icon.
  • Since you have not used the App, you will have to run a new setup. Visit the ‘settings’ and then click on the option ‘Add account’. After that choose ‘Add email account’.
  • It will ask you to enter your email address. Once you have entered the address click on ‘Continue’.
  • At times the user is asked to name their service provider. In that case, you will have to choose ‘Set a POP account’ or set up manually’.
  • Enter the email address and click on ‘sign in’.
  • Choose a verification code that suits you. You can use the OTP verification. You will have to enter a 6-digit number delivered to you via text or call by the Microsoft.
  • The process of signing up is complete. The app may ask certain permissions such as access to your contacts and calendar.
  • The Outlook is now ready to be used on the Android. Enjoy the convenience of using your email address on your android phone.
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If you are not able to do this on own then you can seek the help of the professionals by reaching the Outlook Email Settings. They will help you to set up your email account.

How to change the password

  • In order to change the password, you shall visit the website of your email provider.
  • For instance, for Gmail, you will have to go whereas, for email, you will have to go to
  • Go the Account settings
  • Change the password
  • Outlook will recognize a sync error and you will need to enter your password again.
  • At times, syncing can be an issue for the users, in that case, they will have to delete the email account and re-add it.

You can take the help of the experts by reaching out to the Outlook Email Support. They can provide you all the necessary help for setting up the Outlook for an android device and troubleshooting any other related issue. You can reach the Outlook Email Settings easily using the helpline number. The customer care official will direct you to the certified technician without making you wait for long. It is an easy and convenient manner of sorting out your email related problems.

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