How To Contact Facebook Team For Support?

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Facebook has a very responsive and helpful customer care team. The users can reach out to the officials in this team if they have any problem pertaining to the use and maintenance of their Facebook accounts. The Facebook customer support number can be used to seek support.

The Facebook Customer Support provides help regarding the Following Topics:

1) Changing Profile Name

There are Facebook community standards according to which certain profiles names are not permissible to be used for the Facebook profile. The users need to review these standards and choose the name accordingly. They can use their real names or they can also choose a different username, however, the former is recommended. The Facebook customer support number can be used for reaching the support team and seeking their help to change the profile name. The name can be changed for every 60 days and not in a lesser period of time. In case the users want to change their name, they need to request the Facebook team. This request gets reviewed and additional information may be required during this period. The users can use the Facebook customer support number to know more in this regard.

2) Hacked Profile

If an account gets hacked it can hamper the privacy of the person severely. The hacked profile needs to be reported and recovered immediately. You can go to the ‘Hacked Accounts’ section of the help center. You can also recover your hacked Instagram account by clicking on ‘Get help signing in’. This section is located below the ‘Log In’. Reach the support team using the Facebook customer support number if you feel stuck at any step.

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People maintaining the Facebook pages representing an organization or a celebrity may also face this problem of their accounts being hacked. Sometimes there is more than one admin maintaining a Facebook page. If an admin gets blocked, he needs to make sure that his access is not blocked by the other admin. If that is not the case the admin needs to contact the support team via Facebook customer support number.

If a user has forgotten his password he can use the registered email ID and change his password.

The Facebook support number is the most convenient and fastest way of reaching the support personnel on Facebook. The users who face difficulty at any facet while using this popular social networking site can use this number and sort out their issues.

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